Sunday, September 25, 2011

Expectations at Service

In all honesty, I'm a bit nervous to go to service. I feel that I don't have the patience and skills necessary yet to be a successful tutor. I definitely feel that more practice and training is necessary for me to be able to meet the expectations that CFL sets for its tutor. I also am a bit concerned about the adults we are tutoring. I keep getting that idea that these people are going to be tough, un-accepting individuals that will view us tutors as being privileged, wealthy college kids that are there just to fulfill a class requirement. I guess that if I was in their shoes, I'd feel the same way. 'Why aren't there certified tutors here teaching me instead of these kids?'
I expect the actual building to be some aged and run-down, and that the facility won't have many amenities or resources that will help us to be successful tutors. I have a feeling that the area in which CFL is located will be impoverished and dangerous as well. Coming from my sheltered upstate New York hometown and going to these new areas that are poor and somewhat depressed, is new to me and I feel it's something that I need to learn how to adapt to.
Now I can only hope that come Wednesday, I will have a open-minded and welcoming individual that I can feel comfortable with and tutor to my best abilities.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A picture around campus

The new freshmen dorm

As I left class Thursday I knew exactly what I wanted to take a picture of on campus and learn more about; the construction. It's all over campus and you can't walk anywhere without being effected by the presence of it. I'm still not positive what this new development is but I thought I heard someone mention a new freshmen dorm that will be opening next year. As you can imagine, I was a little disappointed to hear that being a LaFarge resident. LaFarge is not necessarily the nicest dorm and I was really hoping to live in McShane being the newest dorm. I also heard rumors that due to spacing issues they are planning on tearing down Moore hall this summer to accommodate the new dorm, but that information was coming form another freshmen so I can only speculate the truth of that statement.

Although, I do have some high hopes for what this campus might look like within the next couple years. As much as we may all hate the new construction around campus, one can only imagine what the future of St. Joe's may look like in the coming years. After seeing the sketches of the new library addition, the freshmen dorm, and the new athletic fields, I'm starting to get pretty excited to see and take advantage of the the finished projects when I'll be a junior or senior.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First 12 Observations of SJU

1. I wasn't surprised when we first arrived Monday afternoon and we were greeted by three eager helping upperclassmen. In the past, every time I came here someone was there to help you out; whether it was your first time visiting SJU or your welcome to orientation. I love how supportive and comforting the students and faculty are at St. Joe's.
2. The food, thus far, has been a disappointment. I expected a little more bang for the buck. I'm really starting to regret not getting more declining balance because the crispy chicken sandwich combo is the only  meal I'm liking.
3. The workload really hasn't been that bad. I thought I would be swamped every night up until 2am writing some english paper but the most I've done is a couple blog posts, some math problems and a couple accounting statements.
4. Every day I find the campus more and more enjoyable. I knew I'd love this place from the first step I took onto SJU back in April of last year. The amenities available are awesome. The campus is a good size and the walks between classes are doable. Every once in a while I'll have to pick up the pace walking back from Connelley to Bellermine but other than that I luckily have all my classes on one side of campus.
5. The party scene here is another big disappointment. I've been able to get out four or five times on the weekends but other than that it's pretty boring. It got to a point this weekend where myself and two other suite mates left St. Joe's entirely and headed over to Temple. The party scene there is much more accommodating. I wasn't necessarily planning on wanting to leave on weekends but it's tough for freshmen guys to get into parties. Luckily a high school friend of mine knows a Junior here and we "got the hookup" a couple times over the last weekends.
6. I really wish my sleeping patterns weren't so screwed up. Some days I'll get eleven hours of sleep, others I'll get five or less. I know I should be asleep at 1am but seventh season of The Office has been so addicting the last couple nights.
7. I've never flipped a lanyard around my fingers, wrist, and neck so much in my entire life. They're like binky's for babies.
8. The style around here is very mixed. Although it seems many have similar style to mine, preppyish or athletic. In Loudonville it was always a nice clean looking poise with collared shirts or button downs, so the trends here aren't a surprise.
9. You need to get involved around campus. I discovered boredom is very easy to come by. I plan to join the club tennis team this week, assuming I'll make it. It can be an easy way to meet people with similar interests and a good way to get to know some older kids on campus which has many positives.
10. The construction around campus is a bit of a disturbance. I live in LaFarge and the noise of early morning construction is never a pleasant sound to wake up to.
11. Friends are easy to come by. Be friendly and talkative and you won't have a problem meeting people. Everyones nice around here and everyones looking to make new friends, so were all in the same boat with meeting new people.
12. I'm going to have a lot more responsibilities as a college student. I need to do well; not just for myself but for the my parents sake, after all a $50,000 for tuition is something I don't want to screw up.